CHIP Alumni

2019-2020 Undergraduate Alumni

sli.jpgSophia Li is a Public Health transfer student at UC Merced. She worked as an ambassador for the UC Global Health Institute’s Planetary Health Center of Expertise, which seeks to create and support healthy environments through education and outreach. She hopes to pursue a joint MPH and MPP, and a Ph.D in Public Health.

2X1A0996Andgielika Sales graduated from UC Merced (2019). As a native citizen of the Philippines, Andgie hopes to return to her home country and use her education to improve the Public Health Department by making nutritional information and resources more accessible to low-income families. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D in Public Health or Public Administration.


Jessica Hernandez is an undergraduate student at UC Merced majoring in Public Health. Jessica aspires to attend graduate school and obtain a Master’s or PhD degree in Health Administration or Public Health. Her ultimate goal is to give back to her community and promote health education to underserved communities.

Jocelyn Acosta HeadshotJocelyn Acosta graduated with a BA in Public Health and a minor in Professional Writing from UC Merced (2020). She previously participated in a fellowship supervised by Dr. Andrea Joyce examining the vector potential of Merced county mosquitoes and interned for the Nicotine and Cannabis Policy Center. Jocelyn is a Cal-IHEA 2020 Health Equity Scholar. She hopes to pursue an MPH and focus on her current passions in health and community involvement.

Jennifer Cisneros is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UC Merced who is IMG_9555majoring in public health. Her interests include nutritional discrimination and removing misinformation among low-income communities in the Central Valley. She interned with the California Health Collaborative for Tobacco Control in the Madera County Public health department with an emphasis on health disparities among the Latino community. After graduating, she plans to focus on health education and outreach for healthy communities.


Jesus Fraire graduated with a major in Public Health from UC Merced (2020). He obtained his Associate of Arts from East Los Angeles College. Through research, he discovered a passion for health policy, law, and social justice. He plans to pursue a Masters in Public Policy and work in LA County to help others understand the legal system.

Emily Rosas graduated in May 2020 from UC Merced with a BA in Public Health and aPhoto-EmilyRosas minor in History. As a student, she interned with the County of Santa Clara’s Office of Supportive Housing and assisted in public health research with both the Translational Research Center and the Community Health and Innovative Policy Lab. She hopes to attend graduate school with the goal of working in the environmental policy field.

2017-2018 Undergraduate Alumni


Maria Rivas Reyes graduated from UC Merced with a major in Public Health (2019). She was funded through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to conduct research on health care access among Mexican immigrants in the San Joaquin Valley. Maria is passionate about addressing the social determinants of health that impact the adverse health outcomes of vulnerable populations. After graduating, she plans to work on projects relating to health policy and health education before pursuing a PhD in Public Health.


Jovo Velasco graduated from UC Merced with a major in Public Health and minor in Psychology (2019).  Since high school, he has been interested in Public Health; working with the San Joaquin Public Health Department and University of the Pacific to address health disparities among Latinos with diabetes. Jovo is currently enrolled in the University of Southern California’s Master of Health Administration (MHA) program and aspires to be a Public Health Director.

AkhilaAkhila Yechuri graduated with a B.A. in Public Health from UC Merced (2018). Her interests include health policy and human rights issues. She was awarded a Fulbright- Nehru Research Award to conduct research on health disparities among Hindu and Muslim women, after which she plans to pursue a J.D./M.P.H.